hat is an Instagram template and everything you need to know about it .

Instagram is a social media channel which has gained so much popularity in the past few years? Its use as a business platform has risen sharply too. More than 25 million businesses are using Instagram as a platform which means it hard to stand out. If you want a create a strong position on Instagram which will help you stand out in the crowd, then try getting an Instagram template. It is a pre-made design with various text designs, graphics and also animations, you can alter them according to your requirements and post. The template makes it possible for you to share content in a specific way which is different from others and in some way customized too. Using a template is a great way to get a visual identity and a theme for your content. You will not have to spend time looking for different ideas, way to post material on Instagram which looks different from the rest.

All you need is a good template which can easily solve your problem. You can get a bunch of loyal followers in less time, you will gain popularity, and recognition which is going to be long term. Moreover, the theme will make it possible for you to get the content identified by people quickly. They will be able to recognize your brands, will remember the content hence if you want people to notice you then the best strategy which you can use is the template.

You can get a customized template which will be according to your requirements and preferences’ can add colors, images other things too in the template so that the template can fit in your requirements. The time and effort which you will spend on making or finding the best templates are worth it.

Create templates

You can create templates for your Instagram account yourself and save them too. This is an interesting and easy way to post content with different themes, colors, graphics, etc. You can use 3 apps which are quite famous and used by a lot of people to get some amazing customized templates.


This is one of the most amazing apps to create and save templates. You can use it easily and everything in it is simple and clear. There are so many templates available and you can use the one which suits your requirements and then add text on it or some other things whichever you like. This is a great platform for beginners and even for people who don’t want to spend a lot of time, effort and money in finding a great template which suits their profiles. Canva has 2 versions one Is app which can be accessed on the mobile phone and the other one is the website version. So you can access it from your laptop as well. Whenever you use any template it is saved on your canvas account which means that you can use it anytime in the future again for more posts.

Recite This

This is another place where you can get fabulous templates. You can especially create templates for quotes through reciting it. It is a place where you will find so much amazing stuff for your content and the templates ideas which they have are different and interesting. You must try them if you are looking for templates which will make quote posts different from the simple ones.

Instagram story template

Instagram story trends are getting so much popularity with time as it makes it possible to post stories in a way which are different from others. They make it possible for you to have a story display which is just confined to your stories. A unique format, color, style, and tone. It can be used on all your Instagram stories. It will help your stories have their personality.

You can create your templates and also many templates are available online for your help you. This is one strategy which is getting popular and is quite in the trend that businesses and bloggers use to promote their brands and pages.

These templates are one of the best and most interesting ways to create your story post which will grab the attention of users and will make them stop, see and notice it. Mostly the available templates are not final they are pre-made in which you can change colors, designs, format, graphics and other things to make in getting in line with your brand or profile. If you are using the same template or similar types of templates, then you can end up making and posting intensive Instagram stories that will align with your business as a whole. It will help m grow by getting recognition by people and acquiring many loyal followers.

The Instagram story template is a piece of cake for everyone. It’s not hard to use these neither it is difficult to make them. You can make them easily and quickly plus you don’t need any graphic designers or graphic designing experience to make them. You just need to follow the basic steps which are mentioned on various sites and apps which can be used to make Instagram story templates.

Why it’s important to use the Instagram story template?

As the competition is increasing in Instagram, it’s not only important to post regularly and stay active on Instagram but now the Instagram stories play an important part too. You can make amazing Instagram stories with the templates which will grab the attention of people and not make them swipe pass the story. Instagram story templates are as important and easy to make as the Instagram post templates are. You can also make templates for the Instagram story by using the inbuilt fonts and designs. You have to make sure that the Instagram stories which you make are aligned with your profile on Instagram. This way you will be able to introduce the brand to new people, you will also be able to get your profile noticed by more people which means more followers and also the impression will be a long-lasting one if you are providing something which others lack. The templates which you use will help you stand out especially of the content is also of great quality.

You can use various websites such as story luxe, where you can find some great templates for you story. whether the story is about your daily routine, new outfits, or new collection, etc these lovely templates will make people stop and notice it and hence will stop it in their track to see what you have for them. The main purpose of using templates is to create brand awareness if the brand is new or even if it’s old still it needs to make sure that more and more people keep on knowing about it. Another purpose is brand engagement which is also essential. Hence the templates you use must meet the requirements which are important to fulfill these 2 purposes.

Tips for creating compulsive Instagram stories.

If you want people to be aware of your brand, then you must have engaging Instagram stories that make people stop and notice it.

Firstly, you must use a branded font which is different and likely to be noticed by people. You can use your own brand’s design font or some kind of the same color. This will make your stories and brand connect hence brand awareness will increase. You can also use the same tone, theme, colors, designs which you use on the website hence a uniformity will be there. It will help the brand stand out and make your efforts worthwhile. You must be doing everything in the right direction. If you are doing things and making efforts but it is not in the right way then you will end up not getting the required returns hence do proper research, make plans and then start to work on it.

If you will make a website, Instagram profile and Facebook or any other social media profile which have the same style, design then this will help bring uniformity. This all will help you gain more popularity as more people will notice it often.

Build a connection between Instagram stories and the product

You must build a connection between the product which you are selling plus the stories which you are posting. This is very important for you if you want to grow your business fast then this strategy is a must-try. You must market the product through the stories so that people know about what you have for them. A great example of national geographic the stories which they post is somewhat similar to their magazine content and the documentaries. They use Instagram stories as an extension to the products which they are offering so hence they are marketing their products with Instagram stores. This is simply great. Moreover, they have that swipe up to read more option and when the followers open it. They get what they expect. It is similar to what they see in the stories and according to their expectations. Hence use the Instagram stories as a means of marketing what you are selling.

Use a simple background if you plan to promote new content.

If you want people to focus on what you re offering new for them then you must give this strategy a try. You must use simple plain backgrounds so that people pay more attention to what you are writing rather then what they see in the background. If you are launching a new collection or a new product line, then you must try this. However, the background that you use must be in line with the type of product which you offer. If you are selling skincare products then use a soft light background, similarly, if you are selling some products such as bags, watches or any other business then use colors, and the theme according to it. This is a strategy which will help you get people attention and hence this will lead to business growth

Use signature colors

There must a color combination which is present in your profile everywhere and also in the stories. Whether the stories are related to any event, brand, promotions, collections, sharing what happens behind the scenes, or anything the signature colors need to be a part of it. You should try including the hero or signature colors either in the background or the text must be in these colors. Like this, you will be able to stand out and people will recognize you there and then. They will know that you have posted something and instead of swiping they will notice and see it especially the people who are already following you. This is the best way to increase brand awareness and make your product or brand sit in people’s mind. Nowadays the competition is much more than before, so many options are available to the customer, in this business race work smart to achieved success.

Future-proof the content.

It is vital that what you are using last for longer and doesn’t get obsolete. Hence start working towards different ways to future proof content. You can use templates which will make your content interesting and attention-grabbing. You can use a variety of templates for the stores and can add the option which allows the people or viewers to mention what they want to see next. It is an awesome way to engage the followers and this will help you get more recognition too. The result would be loyal followers, more brand engagement and brand awareness and hence brand growth.

If you are interested in making your Instagram story template, then you are at the right place. After guiding you about how templates work and all the benefits of using templates, we will guide you about ways with which you can make Instagram templates easily and quickly.

Create a template in Instagram stories.

You always don’t need something extra to make good stuff out of it. You can make a great template by using the existing Instagram features. You just need to follow a strict style of designing’s that all. You will have to keep a record of the colors you are using, the fonts and GIF which you are putting on the Instagram stories so that you follow a similar pattern. All these small extra details which you will put on the story is going to add value to it in a way that it will reflect the brand style and the way it operates. You can do all this with a simple app. One great thing about using the Instagram app to put on details on the stories is that you can use it without extra effort. You can put stories at one time in a row instead of using templates on a laptop or any other software. You will have to edit it in that way, which is again a hassle. Hence you have an option of trying Instagram app it works great and is quick too.

Make use of an app to create a template for the Instagram stories

As already mentioned Instagram stories are becoming as important as the posts are and these stories need to be interesting and attention-grabbing so that your brand can gain popularity and more loyal followers which will result in business growth. You can easily find so many apps which have a pre-designed layout for you. You will only need to put in the stories that all. You don’t need to spend time figuring out the text design, the fonts, colors, styles, etc. You will get this done. Hence it is a great way to save time, effort and still get awesome Instagram templates for your Instagram. It is not only confined to stories, for the post you can do the same. If you want to create some outstanding Instagram stories that turn out to the focal point, then you can try this method. It’s going to be worth the time and effort which you will spend on it although it’s really quick and easy hence not a lot of effort or time will be needed for all this.

Use unfold and story luxe to create templates

You can always get some amazing things if you are motivated and serious about what you are doing. Also, passion is one thing which matters most. You can use these apps to get outstanding templates for your profiles. You will find Instagram templates which are of different variety ranging from modern to classic to simple, rustic and many more. Unfold even has this wonderful feature of letting you view how your story will appear on Instagram before you post it. Story luxe has so many filters for you, along with filters It has colors, themes, backgrounds textures, etc for you. You can use them to give your stories a better and more enhanced look which will help them to stand out.

Use over for some unique texts and graphics

You can always give the stories a different look with text and graphics. You can use over the app that will enable you to overlay text and graphics on various Instagram post and stories. There is a variety of designs available and you can use the one which you feel that are best suited and are compatible with your brand. Using these will enable you to position your brand in a better way in the customer’s mind which will be eventually lead to business growth.

Use Mojo for video Instagram templates

If you want some eye-catching content which will make the user stop and see what you have for them then try the mojo app. This will help you stand out among the crowd and also it will make your profile gain more recognition. This app consists of so many Instagram templates which you can use for the videos. The templates which you will use are going to be different and customized in their way. This will make your videos different from others and interesting too. Change colors Trim the video, add effects, add titles, add sounds, change speed, crop the video and much more with this astonishing app. If you want to have something unique and help you stand out, then mojo is great. If you have text content or even a post that you want to make stand out in the news feed, then use the mojo app for it. People will see like it and it will allow you to have more followers as you will be providing stuff which is not that common. Do give it a try this app is great for beginners and also for the professionals.

Use Photoshop For High quality Instagram Templates

Photoshop is one step further. If you want a high-quality customized template, then this is going to solve your problem. You can make whatever you want to and you will have so many option s. However, you will need some guidance for using this software properly and for that you can use youtube. Also, you can pay for it as people are offering such services. This will help you create cohesive, unique and exciting Instagram templates of your own which will only on your profile for your posts and Instagram stories. This way people will be able to recognize you in a faster way. You must give it a try and its worth the time and effort. You may have many apps which can be used to create Instagram templates but if you want something which is of a higher level than you can try it as it will enable to you create content that you fit with the brand aesthetic. You can hence post quality content with this software which will make your audience asking for more


When you are using instagram templates for your Instagram accounts be sure that what you are using fits with your brand so that everything makes sense and you achieve the goals which you have set.